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1.      The new cash flow program you’ve never heard of.  If you qualify, you’ll love it.

2.      Everything you need to know about using your accounts receivable to improve your cash flow.

3.      Equipment leasing to manage cash flow.

4.      Use equipment leasing so your customers can buy more.

5.      Offer consumer financing to create more customers for home improvements.

6.      International finance.



Day 1 Vendor Payment Program


Your vendor, supplier, temp agency or subcontractor sends you a bill.  They’d like to get paid on Day 1.  They’d like it so much, they probably offer a discount for quick payment.  You’d like to use the cash for your business, so you’d rather pay 30-45-60 days later.  So, you pay later and don’t get the discount.


Suppose you had someone else pay on Day 1, and you paid that source the billed amount later.  It wouldn’t cost you anything, except the early pay discount you never take advantage of, anyway.  What would happen?  If you’re a General Contractor, the best subs will line up to take care of you when you need them.  If you’re manufacturer or a retailer, your vendors will make sure you get what you need when you need it.  You get the picture.  Whoever you are, your credit report will now say that you always pay on Day 1.  Will that help next time you need to finance a building or equipment?  You bet it will!


This program costs you nothing.  There is no downside.


The funder makes its money by using the discount you weren’t using.  They will negotiate with any vendor that isn’t already offering a discount.  They rarely get turned down.  The vendors love it!


To qualify, you need to be paying your supplier and vendors (not employees, taxes, rent or mortgage, etc.) about $50,000/month.  One of the largest, best-known retailers in the USA is in this program, but another big name is doing more at $50,000,000/month.  Assume that there is no upper limit.  (Are you listening, Wal-Mart?)


Quick summary

1.      You have vendors who want to be paid now.  You want to pay them in 30, even 60 days.  I'd like to introduce you to a solution that will you and them happy.

2.      It costs you nothing.  Really.  You might even save some A/P processing.

3.      You nominate vendors for us to talk to.

4.      We tell the vendor they have a choice of continuing to wait 60 days (or however long your actual delay is) for you to pay them or to have us pay them as soon as you approve the invoice.

5.      We ask each interested vendor what it would be worth to them to get paid that quickly.  Vendors usually offer 2-5%.  We reach an agreement with each to give us a prompt payment discount.  (If they are currently factoring your invoices, this program is cheaper and easier than factoring.)

6.      We pay them immediately, minus the discount.  You pay us the full invoice at the agreed time, e.g., 45 or 60 days.

The benefits to you are even better relations with your vendors than you have now.  If they know they always get paid immediately, they will work even harder to meet your needs.  In addition, your D&B will show that you consistently pay quickly.  That has to help when you need to go to the bank.


If you are factoring, and you have a client who should be using this program, let us know.  We’ll make it worth your while!


Happy vendors.  Free float.  No downside.  No upper limit.





Equipment Leasing for You


You can lease almost any equipment that you don’t want to put on a credit card.  You negotiate your best deal with your source, and then the leasing company buys it and leases it to you.  Depending on the product and the price, the lease can run as much as 7 years.  Your initial payment can be as little as the first and last month’s rent.  Your lease can be set up for you to buy the object at the end for your choice of actual value, 10% of the initial value, or $1.  There are tax considerations in the choice, but with the right choice you can treat the payments as expenses and not worry about depreciation.





Equipment Leasing for your Customers


If you sell equipment, you can offer your customers all the benefits above of leasing as a form of financing.  You can even put your name on the forms instead of the leasing company’s.  Yes, software can be leased.





Consumer Financing


If you offer non-business services such as home improvements, your clients may be creditworthy but not want to use credit cards or write a check.  We can make it easy for you to offer a financing contract (with your name on it) that you are assured of being able to sell to get your money immediately.





International Financing


International commerce can be assisted with international factoring, letters of credit, and other mechanisms.  Since options vary by country and industry, please discuss your needs with us, so we can find a good solution for you.  Our funders can finance products to and from the US and between other countries for a US-based client.  Some of our commercial real estate lenders lend in other countries, and some will finance very large projects.





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