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We're brokers for private commercial mortgage lenders

Most people have no idea how extensive the possibilities for commercial lending are.  There are small loans, large loans, even larger loans, construction, refinancing, purchase, quick hard money, etc.  Banks are very limited.  They have regulators and loan committees.  They specialize in straight-forward lending.  Here's what banks do.  If you can get a loan at a bank, and you're happy with it, take it.  You don't need a private lender.


Private lenders don't have regulators and loan committees.  They can specialize in what they know and understand.  One lender told me, "we don’t understand hotels ", so they don’t lend on hotels.  But other lenders specialize in hotels, and they do lend on hotels, some for construction, some not.  Most commercial lenders work in niches.  Maybe this niche.


Or one of these.


Our job is to know literally dozens of lenders, each with its own niche.  And we actually know them, even if we haven't completed a loan with them, because we've had extensive phone and email conversations with them.  We'll match you with the right one.



KG Funding offers a wide variety of financing programs.  Call about:


$     Hard money mortgages:  small, large, fast service, limited paperwork, usually 1-3 years, high interest rates.  What you need when time is short.

$     Stated income and assets, with cash out refi available, starting at $100,000

$     High LTV 25-50% owner-occupied for Commercial Construction, Acquisition, or Rehab.  Value for construction or rehab is based on an as-completed appraisal.  Depending on the project and borrower, the loan can approach 100% of costs (not soft costs).  This program has many possibilities.

$     Mixed use, apartments, office buildings, clinics, special purpose, shopping centers, churches, etc.

$     Flagged hotel construction

$     Resort community development

$     Construction, Developer and Mobile Home Park Programs

$     What do you need??


Banks will lend you money when you can prove you don't need it.

Our funders will lend you money when you have a good use for it.

Tell us what you need.


Borrower requirements

Borrowers need enough experience to carry out the project, or they should be able to show that they will be able to hire that experience. Borrowers should be prepared to pay for all the soft costs out of pocket.  These costs probably will include an MAI appraisal, an environmental report, and lender due diligence fees.  The lender may also want to make a site visit at the borrower's expense. In most cases, the lender will expect the borrower to have “skin in the game”.



A note about SBA loans

Often a bank will tell you that the SBA rejected your loan.  The SBA doesn't reject many loans; banks do!  The SBA doesn't lend money either.  It merely guarantees part of the loan to the lender.  That means it takes over most of the bank’s risk. Most SBA Lenders, including banks, are preferred lenders.  Preferred lenders can approve a loan and then simply request the SBA to issue a guarantee number without actually reviewing the deal.  Since the bank still have a small amount of risk, it may reject your loan, anyway.

If you walk into a bank, you'll probably get a loan officer who doesn't have a lot of SBA loan experience.  This loan officer won't know the process and may not follow the bank's own rules for SBA loans.  After great delays, you'll be told that the SBA rejected your loan.  Almost every internal bank policy insists that each loan application be taken in and reviewed (whether or not it can be approved by that bank) wasting many weeks of your precious time.

The most aggressive SBA lenders aren’t banks, and there are experts specializing in getting SBA loans through a non-bank lender’s processes.  They can help you create the right package and greatly increase your likelihood of approval.  They'll know your chances of approval from the beginning and which lender best fits with your project.

We know the best in the business.  They can help you anywhere in the US.

Call us.  Email us.



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