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  1. A Mortgage for your Commercial Real Estate
  2. Sell your Existing Notes
  3. Financing your Accounts Receivable
  4. Cash for your Structured Settlements
  5. Heirs and Trust Beneficiaries
  6. Divorces, Estate Liquidation, and Bankruptcy 

Existing Notes

We'll pay the present value of a note, quickly and professionally. If you don't need that much, we'll buy part of the note and structure it to meet your needs.

If you are receiving payments on a mortgage, see What happens when you sell a mortgage?

If you are receiving payments on a business note, see How do business notes work?

Accounts Receivable

When you invoice a customer and wait 30, 60, or 90 days for your receivable, you are financing your customer's business. Where do you get the cash to pay your bills while you finance your customer? Businesses that invoice other businesses, governments, hospitals, universities, etc., can put more money in the bank by financing receivables. You can either be cash-strapped waiting for your customer to pay or cash-flush and building your business.

Structured Settlements

You can get a lump sum for all or part of your settlement. See What about a structured settlement?

Heirs and Trust Beneficiaries

No need to wait until probate is finished. KG Funding buys estate or trust assets for immediate cash. Tell us about who the deceased is and who the beneficiaries are. Tell us about the assets, the status of probate, how much money you need, and which state(s) it's all happening in. And be sure to tell us how to contact you. Click here to send your email to KG Funding.

Divorces, Estate Liquidation, and Bankruptcy

In each of these situations, there may be a source of future income that needs to be liquidated. If a debt instrument, such as a structured settlement or note, is delaying your case, KG Funding will buy it.

If one party wants to keep a jointly-held asset - such as the family home - but is short of cash, you can create a note between the parties and sell it to KG Funding. See How We Work to find the asset that interests you.

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