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Why KG Funding?
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We're cash flow brokers. We know dozens of funding sources for existing cash flows. We know what each source is looking for, which one will pay the most for your cash flow, and which will close the transaction quickly and with a minimum of hassle. We are paid by the funding source we choose as the best for you, and we always know you are the client.

Working with Experience. At KG Funding, we have the experience to get the job done for you. You will find many inexperienced brokers who will give you a quote without understanding your transaction. (We used to do that, too!) Very often, they will discover later that something they neglected to ask you about materially affects what you will be paid, but you may feel locked in at that point. We try very hard to make sure that we avoid surprises. We'll ask more questions than most people, but when we're done, we can both be more confident we can close your deal the way we expect to. See more about KG Funding owner, Mike Schaul, at The Press & KG Funding.

Funding sources and 800 numbers. You've seen infomercials, ads, etc., by funding sources. Why not go directly to them? First, most of them have broker's prices and lower retail prices. In most cases, we can get you more from the same source that you can yourself. Second, if you call one company, you have no way of knowing whether you are receiving a fair price. We know them well enough to find the best for you. Third, they know us, too, so we can run interference in case of difficulties, maybe squeeze a little more out them, etc.

A Warning About Credit Reports

Lenders use credit reports to make decisions. These days, reports come with credit scores. These scores are calculated in mysterious ways by credit bureaus according to their own formulas, but many creditors treat the scores as God-given.

The bureaus keep track of how many inquiries are made about you. Unfortunately, they believe that if you have many inquiries, you may be trying to run up your credit, and they lower the score! For example, you want to buy a car, so you visit your credit union for a possible loan. Then you visit a car dealer, who pulls your credit, probably without you realizing it. Two weeks ago, you bought an appliance and opened an account to get the special no-interest offer. You now have 3 inquiries and your score drops. No kidding!

Funders who buy cash flows, particularly notes, want to know the score of the person paying you. If you tell enough funders, or an inexperienced broker tells enough funders, they will all pull credit. As possible purchasers of that debt instrument, they have the legal right to do so. Your payer's score goes down. That not only makes it harder for him to get credit, but it makes your note less attractive and may lower the price you can get!

KG Funding pulls the credit report once. We tell the funders the results during negotiations and don't give them the information to pull their own report (which they often insist on doing) until they commit to buy the note.