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Real Estate

Making Seller Financing Work for Commercial or Residential. We improve your cash flow by buying all or part of new and existing mortgages.

Seller Financing makes deals happen. It can bring a higher price and/or a quicker sale. For the income-oriented seller, it can also provide a more attractive interest rate than is available from many other sources.

The biggest problem with Seller Financing is that the buyer often doesn't have enough down payment to meet the seller's cash needs. If the seller has enough equity, we'll buy part of the new note at closing. We can advise you on terms for the note that will meet the seller's needs.

Residential Developers

Developers get quick cash for notes on residential lots with minimal paperwork, little or no discount, and pre-determined fees.

Provides a committed source of ongoing financing for current and future projects.

Sell paper with LTVs up to 90 percent.

You decide the discount (if any) prior to selling the lot.

We pre-approve buyer's credit.

New development automatically qualifies.

Transact existing notes under the same terms.

Fee agreement with KG Funding.

Financial Professionals

If your client doesn't qualify for a mortgage, you can refer him or her to KG Funding. We'll work with the real estate agent to find a high equity seller who will finance with a balloon. Your grateful client will come back to you to refinance the balloon.

We buy non-performing mortgage portfolios and non-performing consumer paper.

Cash Flow Solutions

Mortgage bankers, insurance agents, and financial advisors can use KG Funding to supplement their own services. Your client's future income may be better used as current cash for a down payment, new investment, or single payment annuity.

Regardless of which aspect of your client's financial life you are involved with, KG Funding will work with you to extend the services you offer without competing for your client's primary attention.

Attorneys & CPAs

KG Funding can show you new ways to solve a client's cash flow problems. Most incoming cash flows can be accelerated. Sometimes cash flows can be created or modified creatively to meet the client's needs. Outgoing cash flows can be better managed.

KG Funding will be happy to advise you on how to structure a new cash flow to make it most attractive for sale, either immediately or in the future.

KG Funding has business and personal cash flow solutions, including financing and investments.